"Upgrade the SPACE FORCE" Says RAND Report

RAND Corp Report

The RAND Corporation has put forward a report with recommendations aimed at bolstering the Space Force's capabilities through strategic investments in science and technology.  

VC Investment & Funding in Space

VC investment approach seeks to empower the Space Force to wield greater influence over the direction of private sector investments in scientific and technological advancements. 

Why the Report was published?

In response to concerns about maintaining U.S. technological superiority, particularly in the face of increased investment by countries like China, 

the Department of Defense's Space Warfighting Analysis Center commissioned RAND to explore ways to enhance space-focused science and technology initiatives within the Space Force.  

What the Report says?

The resulting report provides nine recommendations designed to help service leaders navigate challenges such as fostering long-term exploratory research, 

breaking down bureaucratic silos within the Defense Department, and leveraging commercial innovation more effectively. 

Venture Capital Approach 

Advocate for the allocation of a portion of the Space Force's science and technology budget to be managed as venture capital funds through programs like SpaceWERX. 


This strategy aims to enhance collaboration with commercial innovators and stimulate high-risk, high-reward research. 

Greater Control Over Funding

Grant Space Force officials the authority to direct approximately 20% of the Air Force Research Lab's space funding.

This measure intends to provide greater flexibility in aligning research efforts with strategic priorities.

Enhanced Oversight

Assign oversight of space science and technology efforts to the office of the assistant secretary of the Air Force for space acquisition.

Additionally, establish a chief technology innovation officer role within the Space Force to address gaps in the broader science and technology portfolio.

A Proactive approach

This proactive approach is essential not only for national security but also for advancing the frontiers of space exploration and technology. 

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