Palantir AI to manage Starlab Space Station

Palantir AI to manage Starlab Space Station 

Starlab Space, a developer of commercial space stations, has formed a strategic partnership with Palantir Technologies to leverage its artificial intelligence for station management.

Starlab referred to this collaboration as a “strategic teaming agreement,” similar to one with Northrop Grumman announced in October 2023.

Digital Twin for Starlab

Starlab and Palantir will create a digital twin, a software model of the Starlab station, to enhance operational efficiency, detect issues, and facilitate preventative maintenance. 

A revolutionary technology

“Palantir’s advanced AI will revolutionize space station management and operations,” stated Tim Kopra, CEO of Starlab Space.  

He emphasized that Palantir’s data analytics and predictive modeling would boost innovation and efficiency throughout their joint venture.

Using analytics and predictive modeling 

Palantir & US Space force

Palantir has worked with the U.S. Space Force, including a $110.3 million contract for the Warp Core cloud platform. 

Palantir CEO described it as commitment to providing real-time intelligence in space and globally.

What is Starlab?

Starlab Space, a joint venture by Voyager Space and Airbus Defence and Space announced in August 2023, saw Mitsubishi join in April, followed by MDA Space in May. 

Other Starlab Partnerships

In addition to partnerships with Northrop Grumman and Palantir, Starlab has a collaboration with Hilton Hotels for design and experience. 

Starlab on Starship

The joint venture aims to launch a commercial space station later this decade, serving NASA, other space agencies, and commercial clients as a successor to the International Space Station.  

The station will feature a large habitation and lab module, set to launch on SpaceX’s Starship. 

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