X Streaming Tested By Elon Musk On Starlink Network

X Streaming Tested By Elon Musk On Starlink Network 

Elon Musk Tested Starlink speed with X streaming.  He used Diablo IV gameplay on his social media platform, X for the test.


The test relied entirely on the satellite constellation for its internet connection. The test turns out to be smooth and indistinguishable to fiber connection.

Starlink has thousands of satellite in orbit.

Early days of Starlink

When Starlink was first launched and started gaining popularity, it faced significant criticism due to its delays. 

The service suffered from latency and unstable connections, making it impractical for activities requiring real-time interaction, like streaming and gaming.

A potential Example

However, with thousands more satellites now in orbit, Starlink has become a leading example of the potential of private spaceflight. 

The service is now commonly used on planes, cruise ships, and camper roofs, making it the preferred choice for those constantly on the move. 

Result of the Starlink test

During the stream, Musk proudly announced that SpaceX had reduced Starlink’s latency to 30ms, with plans to lower it to 20ms next year.  

This improvement would bring Starlink’s latency closer to the average ranges of fiber and cable internet connections, which, according to the FCC, are around 12ms and 16ms, respectively. 

Constraint of Physics

Starlink's latency capabilities are ultimately constrained by the laws of physics. 

Musk mentioned that achieving latency as low as 4-5ms might be possible, but it would likely take many years, if it can be achieved at all. 

Performance not universal

The performance isn't universal, as many users in certain parts of the world still experience inadequate latency for streaming. 

It is also unclear what version of Starlink Musk was using or if he had access to a special internal version that enhances the service for the company.  

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