As US mulls DJI ban, New DJI Air 3S leak emerges

As US mulls DJI ban, New DJI Air 3S leak emerges

Tech giant DJI, known for its dominance in the consumer drone market, might just be getting ready to unveil yet another innovative flying camera.

New DJI Drone camera

New DJI Air 3S Photo Leaks

Photos and videos of what could be the new Air 3S drone have surfaced online. 

It is shadowed by potential regulatory hurdles, as the United States considers imposing restrictions on the company’s products. 

Shared on Twitter

Leaker Igor Bogdanov has shared a video showing a possible DJI Air 3S test unit in flight. 

Potential Ban in US

Potential US ban on DJI drones could limit consumer access to new models. 

But if the so-called Air 3S is already in the process of gaining certification from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), it would likely not be affected. 

The controversial law

US House of Representatives recently passed the Countering CCP Drones Act, which, if enacted, would ban DJI drones from the country. 

This restriction could significantly impact DJI’s dominant position in the consumer drone market. 

DJI has top-notch drone technology

Drone enthusiasts may find it hard to find alternatives that match DJI’s technological advancements and affordability. 

Abuzz in Drone community

This is why innovation from the company in the form of a likely Air 3S has got the drone community abuzz. 

Likely Specs of DJI Air 3S

The new DJI drone could potentially offer a dual-camera setup with advanced capabilities, merging a large 1-inch sensor with a smaller 1/1.3-inch sensor. 

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