“AI too powerful to release to public” created by Microsoft

A text-to-speech AI called VALL-E 2 is developed by Microsoft researchers that can generate real life voice.

“Accurate, natural speech in exact voice of the original speaker, comparable to human performance” said the researchers in a paper on June 17

Simply put, it is so convincing and can be mistaken for real person that it is dangerous to release to public.

“VALL-E 2 is the latest advancement in neural codec language models that marks a milestone” the researchers added in the paper.

The researchers used another tool to measure accuracy and quality of the generated voice and match it with the original speaker.

The results showed that VALL-E 2 far surpasses the currently available TTS AI models and is comparable to human voice.

“It is the first of its kind to reach human parity on these benchmarks” Wrote the researchers.

However, Microsoft will not release VALL-E 2 to the public because of its ability to be misused and cause harm without any regulation.

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