Ford's new affordable electric vehicle Update

Ford's new affordable electric vehicle Update

Ford has officially chosen Long Beach as its new setup to develop its next-generation EV platform.

A New Location

Skunkworks Team

Ford’s “Skunkworks” team will build its affordable next-gen electric vehicle in this new location in Long Beach

Ford's Secret Project

CEO Jim Farley revealed Ford had been “secretly” working on a low-cost EV platform on a media call with investors in February.

The “Skunkworks” team consists of “some of the best EV engineers in the world.” Farley said.

Assembled Best EV Engineers

Who Leads the team?

Alan Clarke, who previously worked at Tesla for 12 years, leads the project.

A Pool of Talent

The team includes talents from multiple companies like former Rivian, Lucid, and Apple employees along with Tesla & Google.

A Future in making?

Ford has also brought on eVTOL industry talent from leaders like Archer Aviation, Joby, and Hyundai’s Supernal.

A different approach

“They are engineering a completely different approach, a different product at a different cost with a much smaller battery and different chemistry,” Farley explained. 

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