Notion Sites takes Notion sites up a level

Notion Sites takes Notion sites up a level

A New Feature

Notion has always allowed its users to make any of their pages public. Now, it has launched Notion Sites.

Adding several new features to its existing publishing tools, Notion has made the Notion Sites more polished publishing experience. 

“One of the best features of Notion has always been that with a single click, you can turn a Notion page into a publicly facing website,” - Notion product lead Matt Piccolella 

New Features

- Customizing favicons - Building navigation bars with links - Using breadcrumb navigation - Publishing under custom domains - Better visibility and analytics - Basic SEO features - Title and descriptions - Google Analytics integration - Customize share previews - Search feature within the site

The rollout of the features is to help users publish any Notion page that they have been working.

Notion Avoids

Although these features are an improvement, Notion did stayed away from letting users customize sites in detail.

What the future holds for Notion

In future, Notion plans to add more visual theming options and create simplest way to publish a beautiful website 

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