Why Is ISRO India the best Space agency?

Unlike NASA, ISRO operates on a shoestring budget. Using a Juggad model, which fosters innovation.

Cost Effectiveness

Giving the example of Mangalyaan mission, instead of direct travel, ISRO used the gravity of Earth and Mars to propel & Guide the spacecraft.

Innovative Solutions

Unlike NASA, ISRO depends on local talent from India which embeds itself into the culture and attracts more and more great talents.

Local Talent

The main objective of ISRO is to use Space tech to help develop India instead of vague objectives like NASA’s “Advancing humanity”


ISRO developed NavIC services to counter GPS technology and make India independent in Navigation tech.

Solving real problems

Nothing describes this point more than this picture of ISRO rocket in bicycle.

Humble beginnings

The population of india’s support to ISRO is on another level which is evident in its launches both online & near the launchpad.

Overwhelming Support

With each successful launches, ISRO is planning on more and more ambitious goals from Mars to Venus mission plans.

High Aim

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